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Personalised Valentines Day gifts that show how YOU feel

By | 22nd January 2016

Valentines Day gifts… **bleurrgh** Well OK, I know it isn’t that bad, I am being facetious. BUT, if you are anything like me, finding Valentines Day gifts that really, really work, and convey the right sentiment, can be really difficult. That is why a personalised Valentines gift could be the answer for me, you, and Read more

Christmas cheer is on the cards – Ideas for personalised cards for Christmas

By | 25th November 2015

I have always envied those slightly obsessive-compulsive friends of mine who have every seasonal detail meticulously planned out by mid-November and have every present wrapped come December 1st. For me, Christmas has always been more of a “didn’t you always love last-minute petrol station gloves?” kind of an affair. Judging by the faces of my Read more

Photo gift ideas from Truprint to make your Christmas sparkle

By | 17th November 2014

We are approaching that jolly time of year when Santa sneaks out, and puts a smile on the faces of every child, and grown up across the globe. Once in a while though, Santa does get it hideously wrong….some Christmas disasters are legendary, as this rather amazing collection of gifts from the Telegraph shows. I Read more

Instagram – friendly gift ideas

By | 13th March 2014

Fan of Instagram? Here’s a selection of ideas to help those amongst you who might want to get your Instagram photos off your phone and into your hand Square photo cards Create a personalised photo card – using your Instagram images. Our latest card is 5″x5″ – and available as a single folded card – Read more